Lance Gurganus is a Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Producer Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He Specializes in Life and Disability Insurance.

Thanks for visiting the Lance Gurganus Life and Disability Insurance Website. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my business. I’m not going to bore you with tons of statistics about why you need to buy Life and Disability Insurance. You probably already know you need it or you wouldn’t be here. I’m different because of my experience. For the past decade I’ve worked with thousands of people from all walks of life across many parts of the country. Simply put, I know insurance. If you are interested in hearing more about why I should be your insurance agent and broker, please click below.

Life and Disability Insurance Is Important. Experience Counts!

I appreciate your interest in my insurance services. Like I said above, I’ve been doing this a long time, over a decade in fact. During that time I’ve seen a huge number of agents leave the business. Why? Lots of reasons, but mainly because they were ready to retire. Unfortunately, our industry is kind of old with an average age nearing 60 years old. It’s also a brutal business, especially for new agents. Successful experienced agents like me have built up a large renewal business over the years. New agents don’t have that so they are constantly desperate for new business and most don’t survive the first year. Even less make it past year two. Like I said, it’s a brutal business. This is why experience is so important. I’ve been around this long because my clients trust me to do right by them. I work with over 100 different insurance carriers to find policies that best fit your needs and your budget. If you ask me for a million dollar policy I’ll run you quotes on it, but if I think you’d get a better deal on a half million dollar policy I’ll tell you about that also. I love what I do and it shows in how I treat my clients. I don’t have sales quota’s to hit. I’m not trying to win some sales contest for a trip to some exotic place. I don’t have to do those things because I’m the boss here. If I want to go on vacation I don’t need to win a contest, I’ll pay for it myself. If I believe a lower priced policy is better for a client, then I tell them about it. Frankly that’s exactly how I expect to be treated when I do business with somebody. Clearly my philosophy works because I’m a multi-million dollar insurance producer. I utilize the latest technology to provide my clients with fast quotes, fast policy processing and constant communications. I’m not some huge online company that uses telemarketers reading off a screen to take your information. You don’t get stuck in voicemail trees trying to get a simple answer to a question. When you call, it’s me. When you email, it’s me. When you want to chat online after hours, I’m usually available because I work too much (as my wife tells me often). I also do video webinars, video chat, online chat and more. Technology is what allows me to effectively service all my clients. I do have a few assistants that help me run things behind the scenes, but when you deal with my agency, you only deal with me. Like I said above, that’s how I expect to be treated by people I do business with so I do the same for my clients.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for in an insurance agent, I would be happy to talk with you more about it. Just give me a call at 412-444-1025. Or if you prefer emailing me, just click here. Either way, I sincerely appreciate you stopping by my site and if there is anything I can do for you, just let me know. Thanks!     – Lance Gurganus

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