The Content Marketing Genius of Napoleon Hill

I had an opportunity to read an article this weekend titled “The 7 Traits of Successful Content Marketers”. It just happens to be by Joe Pulizzi, one of my favorite content marketing experts and writers. He’s also the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. I highlighted a few of my favorite passages from his article below along with a link to read the rest. I would have never thought I would write something titled “The Content Marketing Genius of Napoleon Hill,” but here I am doing so now.

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Lanceg Content Marketer

My name is Lance Gurganus. I’m a writer and content marketer. I write about insurance, small business and family here on the Lanceg Content Marketer blog. I like to write about what I know and I believe specialization is the key to success in anything.

So what makes me an expert? Well I’m also a multi-million-dollar insurance producer and broker. A successful serial entrepreneur. And a happily married Dad of 3 awesome kids. See how I did that? Insurance, small business and family. Expert in all of them.

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