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The LanceG Spot Content Blog

Improving Car Buyer Trust with F&I Transparency

Improving Car Buyer Trust with F&I Transparency

Improving car buyer trust with F&I transparency is critical to the success of any car dealership, especially with customer access to the bullhorn of social media. In this article, Insurance Content Specialist, Lance Gurganus, introduces background information on F&I (Finance and Insurance) Managers and the challenges dealerships face in changing customer perception and building trust in this important position.

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The Need for Final Expense Insurance is Already Here

The Need for Final Expense Insurance is Already Here

The saying goes, “two things in life are guaranteed, death and taxes.” Unfortunately, the costs to the surviving family after the death of a loved one can be a significant financial burden.This is where savvy insurance agents and advisors can step-in to help their clients protect themselves when they need it most with final expense insurance. In this article, writer and 18-year veteran insurance pro, Lance Gurganus, introduces final expense insurance. This is an important discussion about what it is, why it’s needed, who needs it, and why insurance agents and brokers need to be offering final expense insurance plans to their clients.

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Federal Law Prohibits Insuring Marijuana Farms Burning in California Wildfires

Federal Law Prohibits Insuring Marijuana Farms Burning in California Wildfires

This is a sad example of what happens when State Law runs smack into the brick wall of Federal bureaucracy. California law says they’re legal, but existing Federal law prohibits insuring marijuana farms burning in California wildfires throughout the state. It’s a particularly challenging situation for the nearly 15,000 marijuana farms in California. Their crop, marijuana, is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance by the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency). So, technically, it doesn’t matter that states like California have legalized it because the Federal Government won’t recognize the state law. So anything that is regulated by the Feds, from insurance to banking to mail, becomes a problem for these businesses.

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