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My name is Lance Gurganus and if you didn't notice from everywhere on this website, I'm an insurance copywriter.

So why do I focus my talents on insurance copywriting? Because I was a multi-million dollar insurance producer and benefits broker for 18-years. It's what I know and I'm really good at. And I enjoy staying involved in the insurance industry.

I create powerful business and insurance content.

Bottom line, I'm a great storyteller. I've learned over the past two decades how to create interesting stories with my clients as the star.

Sales and marketing might appear to be different today, but that's only because the content delivery system has changed from traditional advertising to digital.

Ultimately, everything in business still comes down to one thing: sales.

And sales people have always been the worlds best storytellers.

That's how we make such great content.

We're just storytelling.

Do I create content that's not insurance related? Yes, yes I do. I have a ton of experience dealing with compliance, so I also work with businesses in similar heavily regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and law.

And I also have some blog web sites that I created and regularly contribute to. Those are centered around hobbies I enjoy, like hiking, hammock camping, and sales tech.

I'm a small business - a one man freelance copywriter and content shop.

I don't outsource or subcontract work to others. Why? Because, frankly, all the really great copywriters are as busy as I am. And I only give my clients awesome finished product. So it's a real problem finding excellent copywriters that understand business and insurance content.

It's the two decades of real world, on-the-job, insurance industry experience that sets me apart from other copywriters.

You can't learn all that in a book.

But not enough about me. Let's talk about you. How can I help you today? Feel free to call me direct at 412-400-8900, email me at w@lanceg.com, or fill out the brief form below.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in my freelance copywriting services.

Hi, I’m Lance!

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Make Your Content a Priority.

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