Insanely Great Copywriting

It’s the basis of all marketing. Branded copywriting that tells your story.

Everyone needs it, but not all copywriting is the same.

Especially when it involves regulatory compliance. The kind that businesses deal with in industries such as insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

What is Regulatory Compliance?

Regulatory compliance is the process of following rules, regulations, and laws that most often govern high-risk industries such as healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

So what does this have to do with copywriting? A good bit, actually.

There are different kinds of compliance in each industry. Healthcare, for example, has hundreds of different compliance guidelines. A quick visit to the website of the Office of the Inspector General at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will keep you busy for days.

As copywriters, we create all types of content for many different end users. Marketing has it’s own set of compliance regulations. So it’s important to understand the rules.

Professional Licensing Compliance

Do you need a license to do your work? Then you most likely have compliance requirements.

Why is this important? Because most companies have rules in place for marketing and advertising to make sure they stay in compliance.

Run afoul of compliance and you could face fines, penalties, or even a revoked license. Nobody wants that.

I’ve spent many years working with different marketing and compliance departments for content approvals. This knowledge and real-world experience is extremely valuable.

Experience Counts

In this business, experience counts. Creating branded content and copy for complex businesses is a very specific niche. One that isn’t necessarily ‘easy’ to work in.

I spent nearly two decades building my insurance and benefits brokerage. I have a unique understanding of the challenge involved in finding good content creators and copywriters that have experience with regulatory compliance.

This is mainly due to the fact that I wasted many years hiring a steady stream of copywriters that claimed to know insurance and finance, but didn’t. I got tired of spending big chunks of my time fixing or totally reworking the final copies of content they submitted.

Developing effective content that works within the parameters of compliance takes a highly unique skill set, laser-like focus, and real-world experience.

This specialty content niche is my sweet spot. If your business is regulated by FINRA, HIPAA, PPACA / ACA, ERISA, or similar regulations, then we should talk.

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Lance Gurganus | Copywriter | Compliance Expert

I build brands, increase revenue, generate buzz and always promote my client and their message. When I initially discuss a new project, my first question is always about the end goal. Once I understand exactly what the client hopes to accomplish with the project, I’m able to frame the creative process around that goal.

I create branded content and copy that’s designed to be searchable. A significant percentage of my writing projects involve keyword optimization for specific SEO requirements of my clients.

Optimized Content for SEO

I have experience and certifications in many different types of optimized content for SEO purposes. Primary and secondary keywords with or without specified densities or tiered keywords are not an issue. I also routinely recommend trending keywords to clients that I develop while researching writing projects.

Fast Turnaround on Writing Projects

I have multiple clients that need fast turnaround on writing projects with specific trending keyword requirements. Depending on the research required, I can usually turn around a last-minute project within approx 2 to 3 days for an additional rush charge. Most non-urgent or prior scheduled writing projects are completed within 7 to 10 days.

One exception is eBooks since most are larger projects and do take slightly longer to complete. My goal is always a one-week turnaround with most projects that aren’t urgent or rush order.

If you have questions or need to request a proposal, contacting me is easy. Just call, email, or complete the brief questionnaire below to get everything started.

Hi, I’m Lance!

Lance Gurganus Insurance Copywriter

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